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Considerate parking

Parish Councillor STEVE WILLIAMS

Considerate parking

I have recently been approached by several residents of Holt who wished to talk to me about vehicles that were parked in such a way that they were blocking pedestrian access on the pavements. I have heard from parents who have had to push pushchairs into the road to get around a parked vehicle, from wheelchair users who have had to do the same and parents walking with young children who have had to wonder into the road to get around parked vehicle. All of which puts these people in danger from vehicles using the roads.

I know that this is a difficult subject, the law regarding this is currently under review, with trials underway in both London and Wales which would ban parking on a pavement completely. The current official view from the police is that parking on a pavement which causes an obstruction to the pavement will result in a prosecution, however the roads in the village and the surrounding area are very narrow and in-order to ensure that other vehicles, particularly emergency vehicles such as Ambulances and Fire Engines, can safely access these roads, it is necessary in some cases to park vehicles partly on the pavement, and most residents acknowledge this.

What we all need to be aware of is that when, as last resort, we have to park partially on the pavement, we need to ensure that enough room is left on the pavement so that pedestrians, including those with pushchairs and wheelchairs, can safely use it and that they don’t have to step out into the road, putting themselves in danger, to get around you, if we all bear this in mind we can keep everyone safe.

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